• Damar Batu

  • Olio Pine

  • Gums   Rosin

  • Char Coal

  • Gum Copal

  • Damar Batu

    Damar Batu is a petrifaction of natural resin from the ancient shorea tree and is much harder than other resins. The color is brown and black and the farmers are digging this raw material in sizes from 1-20 cms in the jungles of Indonesia. The resin is usually found on the islands of Sumatra, Kalimantan & Sulawesi. The main season for collection is from September – May.

  • Gum Turpentine

    Gum Turpentine is distilled and rectified from pine resin, which component is alpha pinene and beta pinene. It is a kind of natural essential oil, a mixture of various terpenoid and hydrocarbon with special chemical activity.Usage in paint, synthetic camphor, terpineol, synthetic perfume, medicine production, synthetic resin, organic chemical industry, etc.

  • Cloves & Clove Stems

    Clove is the common name of dried flower bud from a tree of the myrtle family. The clove tree is a small to medium evergreen tree, native to the islands of eastern Indonesia. The main countries where they are grown are Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Zanzibar, Madagascar and India. The flowers are small and produced in clusters. The leaves, flowers, and bark are aromatic.

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